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Meet the designer, Annette Dale-Kramek.
I fell in love with yoga & meditation when it brought me the richness of healing.
In 1993, I created the 1st yoga collection to honor the journey.

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My Story

I am a designer, a yogi pioneer, and a survivor. In 1993, I pioneered the first yoga apparel line. Why?  Because the healing power of meditation and yoga became a practice worth growing in the world.  Working as a skiwear designer was rewarding, but yoga clothing could be amazing and contribute to the livelihood of the amazing yoga teachers I had experienced. 

It has been so meaningful to create clothing for yoga centers and cutting edge spas. I love to design using extremely soft fabrics that feel like a hug and carry a positive message. I love to bring ancient wisdom into my work with design elements that honor your journey. I love universal truths that speak to all people to make our world a more compassionate self aware place.

Her mission behind her designs is to inspire people to reach their full potential, to heal, and to grow. You can find her timeless designs in wellness spas and yoga centers throughout the United States.

I work with each retail client personally so I can understand your customer.

Your purchase includes a creative consultation with me, drawings for your shop with pricing, minimums, and custom graphics that we pull from 27 years in the athleisure niche.

In 4 weeks, you can have new merchandise to retail. I will walk you through the process and follow up to make sure your sales are going well and to update the next piece.

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Wholesale Brand


There are thousands of tops to choose from when designing a custom program for you.

Based on your customers, I will curate to select the most soft quality items for you to offer.

We then work to design classy graphics that will be hand screen printed to provide you with a beautiful end product.

Each item has a boutique style Ancient Language inner label as well as a hang tag for ease with pricing each piece.

Call me to get started today at 413.464.4649.

There's nothing like hearing your voice describe your needs.

Private Label
Soft Style

Yoga pants are now a household word, as is yoga.

1993 - not the case. Yoga journal was printed on newsprint style paper. There had not been a large national yoga conference yet. Teacher training were in ashrams and only through the lineage pioneers who studied with Eastern gurus. Athletic brand companies I visited sharing my vision included Patagonia, Prana, Spyder, OP, Head, Pearlizumi, Adidas, and Warnaco.

No one got it. 

Yet, it had to be done from my point of view.

I flew to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and the 1st order was born from a sketch pad and conversation. I then found the resources and off I was manufacturing yoga clothing. 


The 1st

Located in Southeast Orlando, Annette is here to help you with your yoga and spa clothing collections, whether branded or in-line. She can work with you both virtual and in person.

Contact email:

Corporate HQ: 13706 Abberwick Drive, Orlando FL 32832

Corporate HQ Phone: 413.464.4649

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