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Be Held + Heard

It is written in ancient language. So much wisdom and the science and language of yoga. How it can touch your being, lift your spirits, make you mobile and balance. How it can allow your body to heal. It is the love of these practices and powerful healing of paralysis that inspired me to marry my athletic wear design career with my deep love of meditation, yoga and before that - wisdom. I have been a seeker since my teens and am grateful to have a creative career that honors what I believe are necessary balancing messages to our modern world today. It is too easy to get caught up in the external and forget that we are miracles in the waiting room.

I love helping my retail buyers build confidence in their branded merchandise and hold their hand along the way. What does that mean? Well, I love to pick up the phone and talk to you. I want to hear your desires for cool merchandise for your customers to love. I want to help you create meaningful take home messages that keep them inspired about a place they visited, and experience they had, a festival they experienced, a yoga journey that was profound and more. I take you from a conversation into my design world where I create a line just for you. Yes, I am a designer who spends time on your product offering and create a visual mock up for your boutique. I listen to your comments and include revisions to get us to a place where we love the merchandise. I help you write your order so we can offer the best size runs for your clientele. Then, almost like magic, the colors and soft fabrics come to life and you receive your shipment. Beautiful sewn in woven labels and classy hang tags embellish your hand screen printed clothing. Classy. Personal. Be Held & Heard.

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