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DANCE TO HEAL - Journey Dance

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Toni Bergins is the founder of Journey Dance. She is an energetic, wise, fun, and inspiring teacher! Her classes create aliveness & laughter & connectedness. She travels and trains people in her method of movement, helping them access healing, sensuality, freedom, and a better sense of self. And it is a blast!

We have been making her clothing for over 10 years and always enjoy working with her. She works co-creatively with us to create unique tanks, tees, hoodies and bamboo blend clothing.

Check her out to see what you can plan with this gifted woman.

#ancientlanguage97 #dance #movementismedicine #freedom #lovemore #healyourbody #feelembodiement

Photo credits to Ancient Language 97 & Journey Dance

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