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Embracing Possibility

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What a time of going in and being still. The COVID virus has placed me at home more, created space in my business to reflect, entertain new ideas, go deeper into myself to imagine what is possible. It could be a time of discouragement and there have been moments, of course. I feel blessed that most of this experience has been peaceful and creative. I've enjoyed recreating space and design in my home, painting, working on collaborative efforts with my retailers and organizations, to cleaning up my diet with more veggies!

I also had the time to support my brother in a health crisis. To take the pieces of my life story and apply them to help another in need. That is fulfilling.

I hope my retailers have the privilege to do the same and to recreate in new ways. I know this is devastating to so many people. I feel for you. Sending love and hope.

yoga enthusiast in upward-facing dog

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