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Entrepreneurial blues

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I sometimes say being an entrepreneur is over rated. I am being funny, kind of. There are times when we are our own worst boss. I must navigate the very fire that creates the business owner in me to be kind to myself and not push when it is time to reflect or rest or take a day off. I can be very hard on myself and this shows up in pushing the hours I put in, the intensity with which I work, and the goals I set. Having this awareness and honoring the energy that drives me is important so that I do not get drained and can stay consistent and healthy.

Self love may show up as sitting on my front porch for 15 minutes with tea, or brushing my Golden Doodle as she rolls on her back for another belly rub. It may be taking my laptop to a local coffee lounge to read some inspirational articles. I have had my clothing business since 1993. Throughout the years, I have made many good and bad decisions, all filled with learning. The best place I have spent my money has been participating in women owned business groups. These are not the networking kind, but the kind that cultivate support, empathy, guidance, resources, a sense of community and empowerment for me to understand my worth.

My latest investment is the biggest yet and it is the bomb. I found Debbie White and her Impact Nation program through my whole life coach, Grace MacLeod. I am so inspired by these women and I am able to inspire them as well. It has brought me life energy, wisdom in my business, priceless resources, a tribe with deep vibes, and implementation strategies to grow my business in a heart based intelligent way. This marketing and advertising leader brings herself fully and I am so thankful for her savvy perspective and dedication to empowering me. Thank you Deb.

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