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Hooked on Tee Love Testimonial

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Wanted to share what a customer sent me yesterday. I’m so touched and so grateful for her sharing this with me. Our sanskrit spiral crop crew in stonewash denim is super comfy and suits any occasion!

"I have been purchasing Ancient Language clothing for longer than I can even remember. I first discovered them when I was teaching a program at Kripalu Center and have been hooked since. They are not only my favorite things to teach in, hang out in, chillax in, they are now tops on my list for gift giving to everyone. Annette puts love into everything single thing she creates and that can be felt. The designs are original, beautiful and unique and convey messages that are infectious and contagious. The fabric is yummy, the quality holds up to washing, drying, squeezing into suitcases and the price point is reasonable and so well worth it. I often have people stop and ask me about what I am wearing because these spread joy and positivity. Some of my favorites I have truly purchased in every color. Gift yourself and others anything from her site, you won’t be sorry."

Missy Brown, grateful and proud Ancient Language wearer

yoga enthusiast wearing white yoga outfit

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