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Coming soon...

Every month you will receive a design that you get to vote on.

Yes you get to decide.

We are excited to launch this new feature in the very near future. 

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Join the Tee Club

This is your chance of becoming an Ancient Language 97 club members.

At this moment we are offering you two different membership plans.

The Tee of the Month Membership will make for a great gift to yourself or to others. At this point you probably already own at least one Ancient Language 97 product and have that longing for more of those lightweight and goddess soft fabrications we have to offer. You will be part of the graphic selection process and get to enjoy your on demand manufactured design.


The Tee Surprise Membership is a great option for new members to get a taste of our yummy fabrics and unique designs. But also our long-time customers get to take advantage of our one-of-a-kind pieces that had either been previous season or were part of our sampling process. Based on information you provide us with, we hand select each piece just for you.

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